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Seattle Real Estate – The best real estate deals in Seattle including foreclosures, unlisted property, bank owned homes, and other hot real estate deals personally chosen by Christian Nossum – Seattle MLS Search | DealsInSeattle.com

Eastlake Townhouse – NOT ON THE MARKET YET

This beautiful and modern townhouse will be hitting this market this weekend, but you get a shot at it first before anyone else know about it because you’re so cool…

Convenience & Luxury with a Modern Architectural Flair

Imagine…working so close to home that you easily ride your bike to work. After you park your bike in the garage, you head inside and drop your work bag off in your office downstairs. You head up to your master bedroom, grab some clothes out of your huge closet, and hop in the shower. You’ve got a night of music and dinner with your special someone at Serafina, which is just a block away. After you shower you look at the clock and realize that you’re really early, and before you moved here, you used to still be in the car fighting traffic to get home. You smile. Your phone beeps. It’s a text from a friend inviting you to happy hour at the Zoo Tavern. You text back, “Head over to my place instead and we can grab drinks and enjoy the view of Lake Union from my rooftop deck.” Now that’s living…Priced at just $515,000, this could become your new reality.

  • Priced at just $515,000
  • Luxurious & Modern
  • Rooftop Deck with massive views (great for 4th of July parties)
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 1.5 Total Bathrooms – Beautiful Double Sinks
  • Corner Unit
  • Garage you can actually park in
  • KitchenAid Gas Range
  • Quartz Counters
  • Bamboo Floors
  • Floating Fir Staircase
  • Modern Gas Fireplace
  • Custom Built In Cabinets
  • Convenient to Everything
  • And awesome neighbors
If you’re interested in checking it out, or have any questions, call or email me. My info is at the top of the screen.

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